Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

This week’s photo challenge is ‘Street Life’ and, while I hope to be able to take some images tomorrow, here are some from the archives:

Here we have examples from Portugal, India and Italy.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

  1. India always indisputable……nicely framed, things in threes and aerial perspective again, Oh, and the view is ‘stopped’ whereas the others lead the eye off into the distance, so it has my vote.


  2. I love your street shots MM, they are fabulous! My favourite is the one from India, such a great capture of a family on the motorcycle… it’s very beautiful and so different from our life here.


    1. Believe it or not to was taken through the front windscreen of the vehicle I was in, I loved the scene when I saw it – a family on a scooter. Unfortunately I had to cut the feet off of the people in the foreground of the Lisboa shot. As you say, so different. 🍀


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