Image of the Month for March – Please Vote

Well thanks to the reflections poll I have already had a bit of help in narrowing down the choices for the month of March. Once more there is a diverse range of images to choose from and in my ongoing generosity I am going to allow you to select up to 3 images when voting.

Without further ado, here are the images to choose from, click on the thumbnails to see larger versions:


And here are the buttons to use to cast your votes:

If you missed the reflections post there is still time to cast your vote in this poll too, so why not visit Reflections Poll.

Once more thank you for taking time to cast your vote(s) and the results will be out in a week’s time.

Have a great weekend. πŸ€

47 thoughts on “Image of the Month for March – Please Vote

  1. Faded Golden Weathered …oops I think I might have just summed up myself Lol
    Great pictures MM . Have a lovely w/e


  2. A wonderful collection, as always! Stuck between four of them but have made my choice… Number one for me is definitely Golden Morning, it feels so warm to me!


  3. MM. Thank you for this little diversion. I have voted but my question is, which is your favourite? And you can only choose one, sorry. (Unlike you, I’m not feeling very generous) 😊


      1. Difficult, as they are all winners…but I really love the first image of the weathered boat. (I’m going for a more emotional response rather than technical!). P


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