Bantry Buoy

Had the pleasure of being in Bantry at the weekend and, despite the poor forecast, the sun came out for a good while on Sunday morning. A walk around off the jetty and along the bay was needed to stretch the legs of The Hound.

At the back of the bay lay a large ball of rust, tethered by a rope and all alone. While my companion was busy wondering how much it weighed and what would be it’s scrap value, I looked to see if I might be able to glean a photograph.

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Isn’t it great that two minds can see the same object and yet delve into completely different thoughts. Needless to say, The Hound was too busy frolicking with yet another new friend to even notice.Β He loves the water but is not really brave enough to let his feet go off the bottom. Bless.

30 thoughts on “Bantry Buoy

    1. Finola, it is really easy to do. Click ‘add media’ when in a new post and rather than click on an image click on ‘create gallery’ on top left. You can then click on a number of images to include within your gallery. when clicking done you will normally see ‘thumbnail” as default. Change this to slideshow to get …a slideshow. Real simple, but effective. MM πŸ€


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