Another Shell

Having loved responding to the ‘Abandoned’ Challenge a couple of weeks back, I now keep seeing these abandoned buildings jumping out at me. Even on the familiar road to the allotment in North Cork, I spotted a deserted house that  had never caught my attention before.

How much we must miss by simply driving on by, not taking in the immediate surroundings.

So here is another shell of a house, long since abandoned and now nestling deeper and deeper into the surrounding Cork hedgerows.


I have a feeling the series may run and run………Have a great week, MM 🍀


22 thoughts on “Another Shell

  1. What is it about these abandoned buildings? When I went out to California over Christmas, I stopped for a photo of an abandoned building on Route 66. It was a mess. Really. Not in a charming way like in the photos you posted here. But it did spark the imagination. I had to wonder what life must have been like there… once upon a time.


  2. We will have no problem with you going on and on and on with abandonment! It is amasing to me how these buildings can just be left behind and not bulldozed over after a spell…. lucky for us and for you!


  3. Oh, I like them all…
    So beautiful and so sad. So many memories…
    If walls could speak.

    Have a great week you too!


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