Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections IV

As promised, a return to Scotland for more reflections. There is plenty of water from which to get a mirror effect in Scotland, the trickiest bit is having the wind rescind sufficiently to gain a reasonable reflection. Here are some occasions that I was fortunate enough to be presented with such opportunities.

The firstΒ photo was an amazing experience as the Loch really did act like a mirror. Ten minutes later and the wind was stirring again and ripples across the loch tore the mirrorΒ apart. Timing really can be everything.

Loch Tay Reflections
Loch Tay Reflections

For the same Loch on another day we gained the following view:

Loch Tay Moorings

Loch Tay Moorings

For the final Scottish image this week we have to go to the Great Glen and Loch Lochy, a little south of the better known Loch Ness. This area seems to do reflections pretty well.

Loch Lochy Reflections
Loch Lochy Reflections

From these images it strikes me how much clouds add to reflections.

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections IV

    1. Like I said, most people are familiar with Loch Ness, but if I said Loch Lochy it would mean nothing to most. You must get some great reflections over there in Finland – well when the snow and ice have melted anyway. MM πŸ€


      1. I still do not agree with this. It’s a bit like the mobile phone – sometimes it is nice not to have any sort of intrusion into the scene at all, just enjoy it and not think. Just a very personal opinion. πŸ˜ƒ


  1. I especially love the second one, Loch Tay Moorings…(though the others are gorgeous as well) This one, I dunno, just touches me deeply…


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