Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections V

It’s back to Kerala, India for more reflections, with these ones full of colour.

SIndia (7 of 14)

From the chores of washing to the relaxation of a walk by the waterside.

SIndia (14 of 14)

Make sure you return on Saturday to vote for your favourites from this ‘reflections’ series.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections V

  1. I love colours! Wonderful pictures…yet I too like the second one…. their shyness comes through and gives the whole image an innocence.


  2. I’ve always been attracted to this part of the world. Beautiful photos. While I love the color with the light and reflections, I also love the other one with the girl more in the foreground and the other individual more tucked away behind the branches. Very nice!


  3. I enjoy viewing daily scenes from exotic countries. India is a place I’d love to visit, but don’t know that I’ll ever have the time. Your photographs are lovely, and of course the colors!


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