Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections III

Some more reflections to meet this week’s photo challenge, these being reflections from the Emerald Isle.

Firstly I give you Glencar Lough, on the border between counties Sligo and Leitrim. A still day, great clouds and a great result.

Glencar Mirror
Glencar Mirror

The second image for the reflections theme, is taken closer to home in County Cork. This is where I was trying to get to for the sunrise that ultimately featured in Reflections I.

Golden Morning
Golden Morning

A bit too much distraction in the shot but I thought I would offer it anyway.

Tomorrow we return to Scotland for more reflections.

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections III

  1. Beautiful shots and great locations. I’ve been to Glencar, but wouldn’t be sure of that spot in Cork. PS, maybe I should start addressing you as John now, rather than Mick, as I’ve been doing all along, lol.


    1. Aidy, you can use either. As I was MM at the start while incognito, that name has stuck somewhat on here. The Cork spot is effectively part of the flooded valley from the Lee Valley Dam (Inniscarra).


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