Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections I

When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was ‘reflections’ I almost fell off my stool. How good is that? One of my favourite subjects ever, particularly in landscapes.

For now I have simply retrieved a couple of old photographs, one of which was used in my very first ever blog post, but I have gone to the trouble of taking them into lightroom (now that I have it) and brushing them up a little bit.

The first image was taken just up the road on the way to Macroom, Co. Cork when I was just a few minutes late getting to where I aimed to be for sunrise. Still, this capture kind of made up for it.

Reflections at Dawn
Reflections at Dawn

The second image was taken in Argyllshire, Scotland in a place where some of my ancestors lived.

Reflections of the Past
Reflections of the Past

Despite the repeats (almost as bad as the television) I hope you like the first of my entries for this week’s theme. I am almost salivating working out which other images I should use.

Happy Saturday all round! ๐Ÿ€

73 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections I

    1. I agree with your comments on the first image. When I first saw the image my thoughts were it looks overdone. However, that was it – I had used no filters, no tricks, mho post processing. That was the blaze of the morning captured. Once more your comments are really appreciated. MM ๐Ÿ€


  1. Spectacular, dramatic, beautiful colors and contrast; amazing reflection! However, what I like the most in your picture is how interactive it is. I can’t stop trying to visualize the part of the clouds, reflected in the water, missing in the sky due to the composition. Congratulations Mike!


      1. No no no credit for cello instrument playing where none is due. Should have said packing tape as in…packing tape. However…she said with a smile…I do play a mean piano as in…classical.

        You should be outside JRCRG taking photos for all of us to enjoy. Did that just sound like a nag? not as in horse/nag…but as in more photos please, sir.


    1. Cheers Poppytump. Hope you won’t get bored as I am tempted to spend the whole week putting up reflection images and then doing a poll. really is a favourite for me. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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