Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections II

Time for a couple of images from the Indian archives to meet the ‘reflections’ challenge.

While I have been to the north of India and New Delhi, only my subsequent trip of journeying from Chennai to Kerala was recorded on digital format. These two images were taken on the tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

SIndia (4 of 14)

From fishermen we move onto the man with the eggs.

SIndia (6 of 14)

A lot of the people may have little in terms of material items, but they have a ready smile and perhaps a richer life than many a well-off westerner.

For more reflections, just keep tuned.

45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections II

  1. Wow, love both photos but the first one I just stared at for a while. So much there to reflect on. Great shots!


  2. Were it not for fear of being politically-incorrect, I might be tempted to muse that it appears as if I misunderstood what the term “black Irish” actually means. What a different way of life these lovely photos reveal.


  3. Wonderful images, MM.

    The locals certainly look very friendly in the first image. Lovely calm water for the reflection too.


  4. Great to see images from my home place πŸ™‚

    You are absolutely right, most of people do live a very happy and satisfied life here.

    We are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty…


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