Beach on a Public Holiday

Monday, being Saint Patrick’s Day, was a public holiday here in Ireland so we headed down to Garranefeen Strand near Kilbrittan, West Cork. When we arrived the tide was out, revealing acres of sand and a paradise for The Hound who had been suffering from an allergic reaction over the previous couple of days. You would not have thought it the way he pranced on the sand, played with other dogs and ran across the stream to retrieve the tennis ball. It was a joy to behold.

It might have been a grey day, but the lack of people on the beach was amazing. A little later on a couple of horses were exercised on the fine sand and, like The Hound, they clearly enjoyed themselves too.

The salt air and wind rushing through the hair certainly blew the cobwebs away.

17 thoughts on “Beach on a Public Holiday

  1. Simple day. Unstructured. Somewhat alone with your thoughts and sand and surf. Why is it so few will make time for this; and then they wonder why they are tired and in a rut. Moral: Leave often the advertised standard and get down where the children and dogs frolic.


  2. Gorgeous shots. I have only seen riders on a beach once in Scotland, and couldn’t help searching the environs for a film camera crew. It was so beautiful I was certain it had been staged πŸ™‚


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