Voyage on a Deep Blue Sea

Soul Gatherings is a wonderful blog full of stirring quotes and reality checks. It is one of my favourite blogs and if you haven’t seen it please go and check out Theresa’s work. In this post Theresa has put words to a series of pictures that I recently took down by Cork Harbour. It is beautiful so please read. MM 🍀

Soul Gatherings

boat MM

Once upon a time, I was beautiful.

I was shaped by the rough-hewn hands of a carpenter, molded, planed, loved.
My grains ran through the wood, like blood vessels under skin,
and I smelled of trees deep in the forest, reaching up to the sunshine.

I was braced with metal fittings, bolted and stretched taut,
then had crevasses sealed with thick pitch.
weather-proofed, water-proofed against the elements of a sea-faring life.

I was painted at last a soft green to match a sea of tranquility,
and I braved the ocean day to day, clear and stormy alike,
to feed the hungry my fresh catch.

I grew older and stronger through the years in my daily routine
until my owner sold me to another sailor,
who painted me a new color to match my mood and the deep blue sea.

My skin was gashed and pushed to its limits by this…

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4 thoughts on “Voyage on a Deep Blue Sea

    1. Theresa is an absolute gem and her posts are a must. I don’t always have time to read the longer posts but the pick-me up words of wisdom are brilliant. Glad to be of service Dale, MM 🍀


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