Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside I

Step back to Marlogue Wood where the wind had wreaked havoc to the trees that stretched for the sky. Alas many of the trees are now lying ย on the ground and the work of clearing the paths has commenced, chain saws being let loose on the fallen trunks.

This allows us to take a look inside the tree, behind the bark and count the years gone by.

Personally I am no good at this counting lark, so any suggestions as to how old this pine tree was?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside I

  1. “…we could count from different starting point[s] since the rings are[n’t] of uniform thickness for each year….”

    It always amazes me how I can look right at something I’ve written, yet miss glaring errors until after I hit “Post Comment”!


  2. I got 45 years two times using an enlargement of the black and white image, which I also deleted after the count since I want to respect your copyright! So…you have between 45 (current low side) and 56 (current high side) years on this tree.


      1. If the whole section were shown (other than making a very boring photo!), we could count from different starting point since the rings are of uniform thickness for each year. I bet we’d get different counts depending on which points we called a radius.


  3. Dendrologists oftentimes have to use a jeweler’s loupe and something with a fine point to count the rings. Of course, they have other tools that are more refined than that, and may make enlargements of a photo like the one you have above to make the finer rings more easily seen. I think they also have to have a smooth surface on the section they are ring-counting to avoid the confusion the different heights can cause in the count. I’ll see if I can figure out something, for the fun of it, and see if anyone agrees or disagrees with the count!


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