The Farm Yard

In looking out for scenes to match the ‘Abandoned’ photo challenge theme for last week, I came across this old farmyard near the ruin of Ballyannan Castle. While it did not fit the theme perfectly I thought it worth taking a shot for a later post. So, here it is, an old Cork farmyard.

Irish Farmyard
Irish Farmyard

While I liked the old farm buildings in particular, I found that the bare tree added somewhat to the scene. Β I took the original shot in colour, but felt that it would be Β much more effective in black and white. Here’s the colour version, for comparison.

Old Farm in Colour
Old Farm in Colour

29 thoughts on “The Farm Yard

  1. Thankyou for the photos of both the castle and farmhouse.
    This is the home my father grew up in..and the yard we played in as children..and it really is an abandoned place..on many levels

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    1. Angelina, you are more than welcome and I am so glad that you managed to find them. As is my want, I just took off down a boreen wondering what I might find. Abandoned it may be but it still has a haunting beauty and I bet you have many a memory. Do you still have family there? MM / John πŸ€


  2. Love the Black & White version, MM.
    I think you could have used it as “Abandoned” as it looks a bit that way, if only for the muddiness of the yard.


    1. have to agree it is close to abandoned, particularly given the mood projected by the bare tree. However, as it is very much still in use I simply used those structures that really were abandoned – we’re spoilt for choice in that area. MM


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