Old and Colourful

In the Abandoned II and Abandoned III posts of last week, I noted that the backs of the featured properties faced onto the edge of an inlet within Cork harbour.  Walking around towards the rear of the buildings I found more examples of peeling paint, rotten timbers and a riot of colours.

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So I thought I should share these too!

45 thoughts on “Old and Colourful

  1. Great series of shots from last week and this post, MM.

    I’d probably spend all day taking photos in/around that house it’s a treasure trove of history and details. I think I already mentioned it last week, but I’ve never seen so many layers of paint & colour just amazing.


  2. Beautiful color. Love these. I agree with the above comment, I find it intimidating when I don’t have a face in front of me. Your photos make the most mundane objects beautiful.


    1. Thank you. There is another way to look at it – without a face you can take as much time as you like without hacking someone off. Therefore there is no real pressure and you can try loads of different angles, exposures etc. 👍


  3. It’s amazing how some things that are old, abandoned and seemingly useless have so much character, life and color. I feel more life from this than any newer, ‘alive’ charter.


  4. Frayed ropes, vibrant colors, peeling paint, wood grain, fortified with metal, isolation – MM, I couldn’t help but think of the human aging process when looking at this stunning group of photos. We are weathered, but still standing in quiet beauty with our scars. Beautiful post, my friend.


      1. MM: These photos have haunted me since you posted them. May I please write a post around them as a representation of my life, if I provide a link to your WordPress site and post the photo with your name? If not, I will certainly honor your wishes.


      2. Theresa, I just want to be careful where my images are used and feel that for profit making companies I would want a fee. I am of course delighted and honoured that you would want to use them. Are you ok with simply taking them off my blog as they are? I would also ask that you place a link on the post to my site.

        In return I will reblog on my own site, so please be sure to let me know when you post. Have a great weekend Theresa, your friend over the seas, MM 🍀


      3. MM: Understood about the photos. If I write a post, I’ll let you read it first, then if ok’d, will set up a link and make sure your name is listed as well. Sorry this isn’t privately discussed; my e-mail is: dakayt@aol.com


  5. So, so, so gorgeous! Love the colours. Makes you wonder how often we walk past something that seems dull only to find out that it is far from! Great eye you have, sir!


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