February 2014 Photo of the Month – Results

Blow me down, this final result has surprised me somewhat. I figured that Clarity of Clew Bay would run out an easy winner, but despite an early lead, the winner came from the photo challenge “Selfie”. So here is the winner, ‘Reading Interrupted’:

Reading Interrupted
Reading Interrupted

In second place was ‘Clarity of Clew Bay’:

Clarity of Clew Bay
Clarity of Clew Bay

Finally in the bronze medal position came ‘Lemon Shadow’ , an image taken in the comfort of the home:

Lemon Shadow
Lemon Shadow

Thank you all for voting. My own favourite, tinged with a bit of sentimentality no doubt, was “Reason to Treasure” and this ended up halfway down the list. Β I am of course aware of how tricky it was to get just the right angle for the natural light to reflect off the engraved disc. Hopefully March will provide a few more Β images to summon the senses.

32 thoughts on “February 2014 Photo of the Month – Results

  1. OF course it was the selfie that won! We were able to finally see that handsome mug that takes such gorgeous pictures! (The runners up were pretty darn good too!)


  2. I can see why “Reading Interrupted” won. I love the relational angles formed between you, your book, and your dog. Also the angles between you, the light, and your dog seem to pull me in.

    I’m sorry, I probably don’t know the right terms for these things, but I like a good picture. I also love the clarity of the shadows.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. My pleasure Dave, I was just a bit surprised that so many people liked this image that is all. I think it is the relationship between man and dog that probably won hearts….If I gilt the angels right for you that is great and don’t worry about the words or phrases as long as you get they message across (well that is what I think anyway). Cheers and have a good week Dave, MM πŸ€


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