Achill Sound

Achill Island is linked to the mainland of Ireland by a bridge over Achill Sound, the stretch of water running between the two. At the southern end of the sound stands Grace O’Malley’s Tower and nearby lies a small quay with boats tied up alongside. A protected harbour, away from the Atlantic waves that crash upon the exposed western seaboard.

Quay at Cloghmore
Quay at Cloghmore

The image above was taken on the same day as Achill Island Coastline, but the atmosphere is somewhat contrasting. Here at Cloghmore, shelter is to be found.

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      1. Getting warmer here as wekl finally. Doing pretty well here but will be having surgery on Thursday. Knee replacement. Looking forward to getting thru the recovery period and being able to walk better by may or June. Hope all is well with you!


      2. Thank you MM! I appreciate it. Hope to get on line from time to time to at least try to keep up with reading posts and just letting folks know that I am alive and surviving after the surgery. May not comment too much but who knows. did a new post tonight about my feelings about the impending surgery and writing about it does help me to feel calmer at least. πŸ™‚


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