Weathered Door

The abandoned house that featured in last week’s photo challenge had a front door which I just loved, particularly in close up. So while I used the broken pane to show you a bit of the abandoned interior, let’s turn our attention to that broken door.


The door handle has been removed, the strand of a cobweb hovers over the keyhole, while each layer of paint is revealed one at a time.

Door of Many Coats
Door of Many Coats

It is not just the wood that has seen better days, as the jagged glass testifies.

The Door
The Door

To have a peep inside this abandoned house, through the broken pane, just visit the post Abandoned III.


27 thoughts on “Weathered Door

  1. That close-up shot is amazing, MM.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many curled layers of paint.
    This house is a great find – might be worth a few more visits to capture every little detail.


  2. MM. Lovely image with its layer upon layer of history. It tells a story of how well kept it was in its day… and the good colour sense of its previous owner/owners! P


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