Achill Island Coastline

Achill Island is situated in the west of Ireland and is linked to the rest of County Mayo by a bridge. We were there in mid March 2013 and got would could only be termed turbulent weather (see ‘Four Seasons in a Day‘) when visiting Achill. One minute glorious sunshine and the next sleet and snow.

The image below is taken on the western shore of the Island, the coast that feels the full force of the Atlantic Ocean along it’s length. Wild, windswept, dramatic and beautiful are all adjectives that apply here.

Achill Island Coastline
Achill Island Coastline

On the hill in the background you can make out the summit crowned in the white of snow.

Enjoy your weekend.

18 thoughts on “Achill Island Coastline

    1. Like western Scotland the coast is rugged and wild and can be quite dramatise. Traditional music is more thriving and the pubs a bit more animated and relaxed. In Scotland in rural parts religion can be quite stiff, but I would not say that is the case in Ireland despite the catholic notoriety. The biggest negative for Ireland is the lack of access to the countryside to fully appreciate the surroundings. Hope that helps. MM ๐Ÿ€


      1. Cheera mate! I’ve been thinking about taking a few weeks when school is out to see Ireland (I have one cousin I know of thats part Irish part Welsh). One of the local pubs leta my cousin play his fiddle for free pints or pounds his choice (pretty sure I know which one he chooses ahaha). The coast sounds smashing, hopefully a condominium won’t be staring me in the face when I get their.


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