The Hungarian Gal

Last weekend I introduced you to the New Kid on the Block, our Hungarian Gal. Given she is so sweet I thought you might appreciate a couple more images.

So here you are, another trip to the park:

Looks like she is fitting in quite nicely.

13 thoughts on “The Hungarian Gal

  1. MM, is Hungarian Gal yours or just a playmate of Hound? Just curious…but she would be a fitting beauty to add to the family Christmas photo. Yes??
    The top left photo image is sterling……
    Hoping for an over-the-top weekend for you


    1. No the Hungarian Gal is a pal in the park. We only have room for one dog (even though The Hound is almost the size of two dogs). Great weekend so far, just back from an exploratory trip and boy have I come up with answers to the photo-challenge ‘Abondoned’. Love too you Jots and have a wild weekend, MM ๐Ÿ€


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