Clew Bay

A good while ago I shared a very simple image of pebbles on a beach in Clew Bay, County Mayo (see Pebbles on the Beach). I thought I should return to Mayo and offer you an image of Croagh Patrick with the clear water of Clew Bay in the foreground.

Clarity of Clew Bay
Clarity of Clew Bay

Not the best of weather days, but just wait a bit and there is bound to be a change.

58 thoughts on “Clew Bay

  1. MM, an incredible scene and image. That water really is crystal clear. I am playing catch up again but just want to say that this definitely gets my number one vote in the February poll.P


  2. Looks a wonderful place to breathe in the fresh air and sit looking for a pebble to skim through the still waters MM .
    Beautiful stillness here in the scene you’ve captured with the distant Crag and the time washed pebbles .


    1. Thanks Poppytump, it was the pebbles and clear water that drew me in and I thought the mountain would make a perfect backdrop. Glad you like it, have a good weekend. MM πŸ€


      1. Oh yea, was out shopping with daughter and the 7 week old grandson today, first time since he was born. Yesterday was a 4 hour stint in my garden and tunnel and some seeds are popping…..All good, thanks πŸ™‚


  3. There is something about pebbles and water that so attracts us, isn’t there. There is a woman in Ontario whose photography I truly enjoy. She lives near Lake Huron, another place where pebbles abound,


    1. Ah, the gReat Lakes, always a popular question around the breakfast table when I was a nipper. For me water holds so much for the photographer, movement, reflections, patterns, clarity, droplets of freshness…….


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