Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

This week’s photo challenge is treasure. May be it is the kid in me, but this word summons up images of treasure chests full of bounty, maps of far off islands, pirates and of course ‘x’ marks the spot. So gold, silver, precious metals and jewels may spring to mind.

Fitting right in to this theme I provide an image of an old gold pocket watch.

Time to Treasure
Time to Treasure

Now think and ask yourself what it is it that you truly treasure. Is it really the cold metals of which we speak? Perhaps the real treasure here Β is symbolised by the watch itself – time.

In the next post later today I will show you why to me this simple watch is a real treasure for me. Irreplaceable.

Enjoy your day, treasure each and every moment.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

      1. No, I did not! I always make sure I read my emails from the oldest to the newest… I’m anal that way! πŸ˜›


      1. The color ones do have a lot more personality to my eye but I still like the B&W. I really need a macro lens, lol. I’m sure my hubby will like hearing that. When I talk about new lenses he says but you have lenses…I say…but now I want 2.8! lol


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