Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure II

This is my second entry for the weekly challenge of treasure, the first entry can be seen at Treasure.  The pocket watch below may be worth little in hard currency but as an heirloom is priceless. Opening up the back of the case we find an inscription, showing the clock to have been presented to James Campbell in 1876 (my paternal grandmother was a Campbell).

So this little treasure has now been in the family almost 140 years. Irreplaceable.

A Reason to Treasure
A Reason to Treasure

The watch itself is full of craftsmanship with intricate small working parts, made in London by Chaplin & Sons of 25 Aldersgate. I couldn’t resist a few more shots of this wonderful old time piece and hope you appreciate them too.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure II

  1. Lovely……my bro had a pocket watch of the Queen’s Coronation that our Dad left him, and his house got burgled and that watch was stolen, I am sure the thief had many a holiday out of it 😦


  2. ah ha! I was correct… It’s not just about the passage of time; it’s the links to family ties that matter. Gorgeous pictures for a gorgeous time piece.


  3. I’m showing this post to my husband. He’s a watch collector. They are wonderful shots MM! I have a pocket watch my great grandfather had. I should take some shots of it. Although I don’t do close up work and don’t even own a macro lens, but it would be fun to try. Thank you for sharing these wonderful shots!


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