Who is lying ?

They say the camera never lies, so what I want to know is “Who is lying?”. The two images in this post were taken within seconds of each other and yet give a totally different perspective on the day. Personally I love the first very simple shot, a vertical (or portrait) image.

Dark and Brooding
Dark and Brooding

Including the dark clouds and tree skeletons has certainly provided a moody feel as one nears the edge of the bog. However, by turning the camera to a landscape and looking down at the water, the light reflections on the still water suggest a much sunnier, brighter day.

Brightening Up?
Brightening Up?

So who is lying?

25 thoughts on “Who is lying ?

  1. Both of them? πŸ˜‰ Aint Nature grand?! I like the setting very much and sometimes seconds suffice to change the sky… Like you I am more partial to your portrait image. πŸ™‚


  2. I like the 2nd one best πŸ˜‰ But that doesn’t answer your question. The complete picture is closer to the truth, no? So I guess the 2nd one is the fibber (and maybe I told a little white lie too just to balance out the comments a bit).


  3. Good β€˜thought for the day’, interesting and a good reason to photograph from all angles. Isn’t that what a good photographer does naturally? Isn’t your aim to make people look better by using flattering light, or crop in on a shot, to hide an ugly feature or give a photo more drama? It’s a bit like writing! But certainly gets you thinking more about what you see when you look at a view!


  4. I prefer the first one as it tells more of a complete story showing the sky and the terrain around. I don’t think either photo is a “lie” because it’s interpretation. πŸ™‚


  5. Interesting thought, MM.

    I like the first image as it looks more ‘balanced’ and ‘complete’ in it’s story/scene.

    The second image looks to be lacking in something – perhaps because the fence post at the top of the frame looks as though it’s been chopped off?


  6. Nice capture, I guess the darkness of the sky in the first balances out the image, where as the landscape shows only the light. I love the reflections in the water. But I am a bit worried! Did I miss an entire day in January? I haven’t seen a nice day all year, lol πŸ™‚


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