The Lemon has Landed

It was cold and wet so why not take a picture indoors. This is what happens when you pick up a lemon, a small torch and some coloured card.

The Lemon has Landed
The Lemon has Landed

I love digital for truly allowing me to play around with the three objects at my disposal and the camera functions. I thought I could hide the small torch behind the lemon without it being visible, but I did not quite bank on the light through the peel.

I was hoping for a greater effect around the edges of the lemon, but am quite happy with this resulting image.

More to come from the invasion of the lemons and Β also a selfie to meet the latest photo challenge (I don’t think the selfie and the lemon are connected).

33 thoughts on “The Lemon has Landed

  1. I am loving the outcome of your project, and like you, would never have thought the light would shine through the peel. This is fun…you’ve inspired me to get more creative with my photography. Someday…


  2. Interesting image, MM.

    How funny to hear you are indoors due to the cold & rain. Of course, I’m indoors today because of the heat.

    How about we do a swap?


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