January 2014 Poll results

Thanks to all that took the time and trouble to vote, it is appreciated. Simplicity got the vote of the day with the winner being “Drop of Life’.

Drop of Life
Drop of Life

This time my own favourite matched that of the most popular vote. In second place we find ‘East Cork through the Window’, which started off very slowly but soon hauled them in.

East Cork through the Window
East Cork through the Window

Third favourite was Wooded Stream which I thought would not do great, but I am pleasantly surprised by its lofty position.

Wooded Stream
Wooded Stream

So that is it, ‘Drop of Life’ goes forward for the year end vote. Now to see what we can come up with for February.

24 thoughts on “January 2014 Poll results

  1. Woohooo, I feel like I won as my vote did!! hahaa, thanks for sharing, great photos all of them. I liked wooded stream a lot because of the location and framing – an extra “surprise” element such as a ray of sunshine or animal captured in frame, would have pushed it over the top for my vote. Keep it up!


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