Silver Wood

Going down the track of the bog the silver birches stand between the water channels and the conifer woods. The bright bark of the birch contrasts strongly with the dark background of the conifers and can make for a moody picture.

Silver Wood (2 of 2)

Silver Wood Duo

Not my usual style, but for me quite evocative and moody. What do you think?

40 thoughts on “Silver Wood

    1. Thank you Alison, nice to hear from you, I hope you are keeping alright in this rather stormy weather we are all experiencing in these parts. It is currently snowing here but that won’t last. Gales to come. Keep warm, MM πŸ€


  1. These pictures are great! The first one has a beautiful eerie feel to it and I love the way the silver birch stands out. The second one is nice as well. both make me wonder if I want to explore further and find out what is behind them in those trees the birches are guarding but I am not sure–something scary about doing that. Do I have the courage? I love that word hauntedness–that is what it feels like –haunted woods!


    1. Glad you feel that way as that is what I saw when looking at the scene before putting my eye to the camera. It is exactly that that I tried to capture. A place for the brave to venture. πŸ‘»


  2. They are both gorgeous… The first one really drew me in, making me wonder what lurks behind the white sentinels…and the second is more stark yet beautiful as Malin said.


  3. Actually, I prefer the first one. Composition-wise, it has a lot going for it: 3 parallel, semi-diagonal lines (the silver stream of water, the line of grasses, and then the line of birches. And the silver white stems are in strong contrast to the dark background. To me, that picture has a much stronger visual appeal than the second one. The second one does have its own mood, though.
    Also, I am very partial to silver birches since they have been my all-time favorite tree since childhood. There is such beauty and intrigue in that peeling, silvery bark…


    1. We had a silver birch in our back garden and there it was delicate and beautiful. In a completely different location these seem eerie and haunting. Love the tree mind. Am glad you like 1 too and for the same reasons I chose this pone to lead the post. For me the second image is slightly ‘flat’.

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and time spent, it is really appreciated. MM πŸ€


    1. Thank you Anne, in trying to work out which to put first (bearing in mind how Reader works) I had a slight preference for the first one, mainly cu ego the lines and angles. Good to see you like this one too as all so far prefer number 2. 😏


      1. What I have found is that it tends to put the first image only in Reader, so if you have two images in your post it is the first one that people will see in Reader (this does not apply if a gallery is used). Hope that helps, MM πŸ€


    1. Malin, for some reason these pictures seemed to be stamped with Malin all over them and I thought they were very much ‘you’. Could not choose between the two myself so I stuck both in. Enjoy your weekend and thanks once more for commenting, πŸ’š (big, big green heart)


      1. Thank you so much, Mick. I’m very flattered and touched by your kind words.

        A big, big green heart back at you and enjoy your weekend too.


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