Changing Moods of the Lee

For Tuesday of this week, warnings were issued that the evening high tide would bring more misery and flooding to the residents and businesses of Cork City. That night the wind howled, the rain lashed down and the mighty River Lee  invaded the City Centre once more in the hours of darkness.

So in I went on the Wednesday morning, the rain almost concluded and the next high tide approaching. While premises were cleared of the water and the mop up began, I took a few images the morning of the flood ‘hangover’. So benign was the Lee at this hour, it was difficult to imagine its muddied waters pouring through the City Streets in the night just gone.

The River Lee in Quieter Mood
The River Lee in Quieter Mood

Of course the signs were there as doorways continued to be protected by sandbags.

Sand Bags at Dawn
Sand Bags at Dawn

No doubt the arguments will rage on about global warning, but it seems to me that ‘extreme’ weather conditions are becoming the norm. I also cannot help but reflect that the damage done here is nothing compared to that suffered by other parts of the world, the Philippines and Haiti spring to mind. It is though still devastating for those caught up in it all.

Nothing Unusual Here
Nothing Unusual Here


22 thoughts on “Changing Moods of the Lee

  1. Such a beautiful image of the Port of Cork. We stood near Blackrock Pier at high tide the night before, watching the inky waves break around the benches near the grotto. Unbelievable really. The calm after the storm indeed. P


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