By the Banks of the Lee

Wednesday morning and I was down by the banks of the River Lee at an early hour. River levels were high, but the water stayed within the confines of its banks, despite the proximity of high tide and plenty of rain to run off the fields.

Here are a few more photographs from that early morning walk, which include the new Elysian Tower, Cork City Hall and the Clarion Hotel (as reflected in the puddles).

For the observant ones you can see the lovely wooden front of a warehouse that featured ย in the post ‘Doorย on Red‘. Hope you are all having a good weekend.

32 thoughts on “By the Banks of the Lee

  1. A gorgeous montage once again! Love the colours and lighting in the first one.
    Feels like here all we have is white and grey, lately! I think I’ll have to hop in the car and go into town to find some colour! May just do that as it is a sorta, kinda, almost sunny day….


  2. Gorgeous, MM. The sky/reflection of same in top left photo is beautiful.
    Portland is [actually] looking for our predicted downpour of rain to rid ourselves of all the ice and snow we currently have. Hope you’ve had a good day and look forward to the coming week. R.


  3. Great shots of the puddles and the reflections – I love looking into puddles like that.

    (in fact I did exactly that a couple of weeks ago and got abused in the city street for stopping in the 15 foot wide footpath – now wouldn’t you think someone could walk around me with all that space).

    I also like the light on that final shot, MM.


    1. No HDR at all. I have a 550d so no in-camera feature and have not learnt this technique so far. I did some minor adjustments in Lightroom (again learning this) but nothing major. The light being first thing was excellent. ๐Ÿ‘


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