Weekend by the Bog

Last weekend we were down by the bog in the north of County Cork (sorry Gatorwoman not West Cork today) and the Hound was having a great time flying through the water once more.

This time I was travelling rather light with just a 50mm prime lens and the manual zoom of my legs. So to get a good close up of The Hound, he himself had to be pretty close to the camera. Β After the last shot was taken I jumped up immediately before being enveloped by both a shower of water and an enthusiastic Hound.

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Last year we got a brilliant frog’s chorus around here and I am hoping this can be brought to you in 2014.

32 thoughts on “Weekend by the Bog

    1. Thank you Silvia, anyone who likes dogs seems to love the Hound, or as someone in the park said yesterday – here comes the Big Personality! Enjoy your weekend Silvia and take care, πŸ’š


      1. Shit got it wrong Louella, please accept a humble apology πŸ’ Some day soon will take the camera up to the park behind the house and capture some of Harry’s mates – a blonde Alsation, a Vizsla puppy that is adorable, a young red setter – I could go on (looks like I already have). 😳


  1. Like everyone else, I seem to go for the winner; Up close and personal is a wonderful capture!
    Good luck for the next time, John! πŸ™‚
    Lost of pats for your fine dog
    Dina β™₯


    1. Yes, but which competition. Actually I have to disagree and knew it at the time – I had to take the picture looking into the sun, but had no choice on this. Sigh, next time…MM πŸ€


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