Weekend by the Bog

Last weekend we were down by the bog in the north of County Cork (sorry Gatorwoman not West Cork today) and the Hound was having a great time flying through the water once more.

This time I was travelling rather light with just a 50mm prime lens and the manual zoom of my legs. So to get a good close up of The Hound, he himself had to be pretty close to the camera. Β After the last shot was taken I jumped up immediately before being enveloped by both a shower of water and an enthusiastic Hound.

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Last year we got a brilliant frog’s chorus around here and I am hoping this can be brought to you in 2014.

32 thoughts on “Weekend by the Bog

      1. Shit got it wrong Louella, please accept a humble apology πŸ’ Some day soon will take the camera up to the park behind the house and capture some of Harry’s mates – a blonde Alsation, a Vizsla puppy that is adorable, a young red setter – I could go on (looks like I already have). 😳


  1. Like everyone else, I seem to go for the winner; Up close and personal is a wonderful capture!
    Good luck for the next time, John! πŸ™‚
    Lost of pats for your fine dog
    Dina β™₯


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