Trees on a Grey Day

A little bit late with the post for today and a bit of a rushed one, if I am to be honest.

Yesterday morning I got a call from the Wife who was wading through the waters of the Lee to get to the office. This morning on the other hand, there was an unusually sharp frost with interesting ice patterns being formed on the car. Later today we are being told that the City is once more subject to the threat of flooding as high tides, winds and rain are set to converge on this part of Ireland. Β Talk about mixed up weather.

Today’s post comes from the weekend and another trip to the north of the county and bog territory. Here we have a somewhat grey day, brewing with intent and yet the sun is also trying to break through, as can be seen by the shadows cast by the trees.

View from the Window
View from the Window

This same view was also captured on a cold Christmas Morning in the post ‘Misty Morn‘.

21 thoughts on “Trees on a Grey Day

  1. Sounds like the Weather has been drinking and is unpredictable eh!
    #Calming – What an awesome shot to have taken from ones window! I’d be capturing houses from almost all faces of my house πŸ™‚



  2. This view is so beautiful and calm, I really like it Mick! Mixed up weather indeed… a grey day here as well and after a few colder weeks it’s raining again… so the snow will be washed away I think. This is one of the strangest winters I remember. πŸ™‚ Despite the grey I hope you’ll have a great day!


    1. The day is good and full of promise. Glad you like the view, thought I may take this same view on a number of times during the year. πŸ˜ƒ have a great day yourself, despite the wet, MM πŸ€


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