Light, Wood

The all important comma!

There I was working away, thinking that I was about to run out of ‘current’ images, when the clouds parted and a lowering sun lit the trees by the back wall of the garden. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So simple, just the wood of the Myrtle tree and a bit of afternoon sunlight, but it all seemed to be rather effective.

This first image really captures what I saw, so simple but beautiful in its own way.

Light, Wood
Light, Wood

This second image portrays the lovely golden colour of the light and bark combined, together with a bit more detail of the wood.


May be it is just me that thinks this is really effective, let me know what you think.

33 thoughts on “Light, Wood

  1. Seeing that spot of golden light is like catnip for a photographer. I’ll put down what I’m doing to observe this beautiful winter light. Love the top image.


      1. No…not weird at all…that’s the scary part!! I see that you’ve been stalking me……been too busy to sit down lately and look at your latest….will do this p.m. and write you on your site….as opposed to hogging MM’s space. Apologies, MM…


      2. Can’t say shant, Jots… The opportunity shall surely arise in the not too distant future. Thanks for sharing your space MM! πŸ’ž


    1. Just because my eye is the other side of camera does not make me an expert either – after all I am no Mona Lisa fan having seen it in the flesh. However, if you like it that is great and what counts. Personally I am pleased that I captured what I liked about it…..πŸ€


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