A Long Lasting Advert

Continuing on from the images reflected on the posts of Thursday and Friday, this series of shots was taken looking across Washington Street in Cork City centre. The light was yet to hit the buildings, but the red bricks, contrasting cream and the faded white lettering of O’Leary’s, still made an interesting enough shot for me to turn the camera’s attention to the facade.

The ground floor of this red brick building is now occupied by a cafe and shops while the upper floors appear to be converted into apartments.  Nonetheless, the advertising for O’Leary’s continues on. This really appeals to me and  echoes a world of another era.

Looking at the vertical image, I also like the way the apartment under the ‘Stationary’ window is all closed and curtained off, reflecting the very word itself, while the window above it, which nestles below the word ‘Import’, is open and ready to receive.

Talking of the ‘O’Leary’s’  (or Leary) Clan, I just picked up a follow from a blogger tracing back history on the clan. If this is something that interests you why not say hello to TJ Leary.

Have a good Sunday.

26 thoughts on “A Long Lasting Advert

      1. Juxtaposed challenge?? Alrighty then – huh – stranger things happen.
        Seriously – there was a juxtaposed CHALLENGE?

        Well I kinda thought it was all one image to start with until my eyes focused in better!!


      2. I think I might try and see if I can get a double meaning in there somehow – something like a ‘stop sign’ should surely warrant double points? Enjoy your day IW, MM 🍀


  1. A beautiful brick facade! With the warm red of the brick wonderfully accented with cream window “caps” and “shoulder” lines. A well designed field of stalwart window “soldiers” to look out at the streets of Cork, or into the works of a well ordered business. One that any O’Leary would be proud of! Thanks for a look toward prosperous times, and thanks for your note is support of my work.


  2. I really like this old form of advertising – I guess it is the optimism associated with the original work – the belief that the business would be relevant, always exist. There are a couple in Newcastle advertising the “Robert Sinclair Tobacco Company” – not sure how that sits with the ban on cigarette adverting 🙂


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