Lost One’s Bottle?

Following on from yesterday’s juxtaposition photo entry, there was one more image that I hoped I might be able to capture having seen the scene a few days before. The trouble is it relied upon a bottle of beer (assumed to be empty) still being there on the window ledge where it was left.

Now when it comes to litter I am not the most placid of people (please see my metamorphism into Victor Mildrew in ‘Focus‘ and a poetic rant in ‘You’), but this time I was glad to see the bottle of Bud still there.

Lost His Bottle
Lost His Bottle

This is an unusual building in Cork and the roundness of this end certainly helps to make the image, along with the peeling paint and revealing natural brick colour. However, take away the bottle and for me the image loses an essential part.

What can I say, it’s Friday so ‘Cheers’ and don’t lose your bottle tonight.

28 thoughts on “Lost One’s Bottle?

  1. The bottle stopped me…in this situation it tells a story (I think). The image would still be alluring without it but it just added that extra bit of interest and made me think about the back story. The wall is really cool too.


  2. The image was taken in such a way that the horizontal lines of the brick seams provide an nice gentle “ovalesque” frame to the bottle and window. Whether it was the lens, or the intention of your orientation, it works well. Perhaps the building owners would consider a backlit image of a person looking out the window? That would be interesting.


    1. This is the pointed end of a building in the middle of the Y with streets going down the left and right side. The ‘point’ has been rounded out to provide a lovely curve. So it is the building rather than the lens or the angle. Another time I want to go back and get the whole building, but fog that I think I need to wait until later in the year at the end of the day for the right light. MM πŸ€


    1. In this case i was glad to see the bottle wasn’t simply smashed and thrown on the ground, having cleared up so much glass in the area near us. Have a great weekend yourself Mandy, see ya next week. MM πŸ’š


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