The WiFi Hub – Weekly Photo Challenge of Juxtaposition

The first time I went past this window I had to do a double take. I looked in and all I could see was mounds of paper, in-trays falling over into out-trays, walls lined with folders stuffed full of paper, the floor visible only in patches and the only thing that gave away the position of a desk was the increased height of the accumulated debris. Completing the scene was a large printer / photo copier and a jacket hanging over the back of a chair. I really had to smile in disbelief as my eyes caught sight of the orange sticker sign on the window pane.

The WiFi Hub
The WiFi Hub

So that was it, I had to return with the camera, even though I knew it would be impossible to cut out all reflections from the window. So I returned yesterday morning, following an early morning meeting. No lights on, an empty room. Then I noticed, the coat was gone. Still not convinced of the WiFi Hub or that there is space to stand let alone sit, so I’ll pass.

I know this is not really a good photo, but this just appealed to my sense of humour. Thanks for bearing with me.

26 thoughts on “The WiFi Hub – Weekly Photo Challenge of Juxtaposition

  1. Enjoyed this photo and it’s obviously contrasting elements. When I think of the “paperless” office that some thought possible with computers, I have to chuckle. Your reflection in the glass reminds me of a similar technique I have purposely employed at times to “preserve” images of myself or others in various travels photographically.


    1. I could not believe it when I saw it, but would seem to be so. What got me when going back is that someone hangs their coat on the back that chair when working, so it is used as a workspace. 😯


    1. Had it in the back of my mound and when I had a meeting in a nearby hotel popped back with the camera. Also spotted another potential shot and the required ingredient was still there when I returned to take this shot. That second shot will be up tomorrow. Cheers for your comment Tina. MM πŸ€


  2. Hope they keep their smartphone in their pocket, if they lost it under that stuff they’d never hear it let alone find it. No room for a desktop to utilize the WiFi either. Good one!


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