Collaboration: Pavement and Paint

Latest Collaboration with Sheila Hurst. Check it out, Sheila is a wonderful collaborator and has done more than justice to a piccie I took.

Sheila Hurst

Today I’m collaborating with a wonderful photographer from Ireland: Meticulous Mick. He sent this image along with the challenge of putting words to it. The photo is filled with so much feeling that I’m not sure I can do it justice but here are a few thoughts that came from staring at it:

photo by John Grant/Meticulous Mick

plodding pounding
for something
other than
and paint

there are doors
that could lead
but they are always
so I keep
plodding pounding

I don’t even try
to open the doors
nothing can lead me away
but my own mind

For more Ireland scenes and photos filled with feeling, visit Meticulous Mick. If you’d like to collaborate with him, visit his collaborations page.

What does this photo make you think of?

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5 thoughts on “Collaboration: Pavement and Paint

  1. Hello! I hopped on over from Sheila’s blog to check your blog out and check out the collaborations. I am a little obsessed with Ireland right now – heading over there for the 1st time in the Fall of 2014 (will be checking out the Cork area – my husband’s family is from that area). Have a Great Day:)


    1. MM – would love to pick your brain more on Ireland, especially places to eat while in Cork. Plus anything else the locals like to do in the area. Like to be with the locals and not hanging out in the tourist traps:)


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