A Great Great Dane & Others

Some more images from the dog walk last Sunday in which a tidy sum was raised for the dog charity Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG). For me, one of the stand out dogs was a Great Dane that seemed to be an advert for the old adage, the bigger they are the softer they are. His coat was a gorgeous mottled grey and his temperament was wonderful. Good job really, given the size of him.

Other canines are also on the image list below, including The Hound, all in B/W.

That is it from the Sunday walk. Different colour shots are shown in my post of Monday, ‘A Right Dog’s Day

31 thoughts on “A Great Great Dane & Others

      1. I never even saw reference to the actual type of dog, I just recognised them by how hairy they were.. lol

        P.s: I had to spell check in google to find the spelling myself… lol I always spell it Samoid!


  1. I love Great Danes. I had a beautiful Harlequin Black 0- All Black with the exception of a spotted white patch on his chest. He was the LOVE of my life before I had kids (people who love their animals like members of their family will know what I mean)

    His ears were never cropped and I remember the day I chose him from the pound – he was all ears and paws (they were bigger than his head) and he was so unco… Absolutely adorable.

    ‘Hercules’ I named him. He used to let the kittens I fostered climb all over him and play piano on his nostrils with never a harsh response. He even carried them around in his mouth at times.

    Thanks for the memories!\



      1. I’m on a Mac and just ctrl, cmd and spacebar all at once. Alternatively if I hit Edit, Special Characters I then get a whole set of these kind of images under different categories to select. It is then just a case of double-clicking the one I want to insert. 😎🍻🏂💋


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