Last of the Walk

This week I have been bringing you images from a walk in Garryduff Woods on the edge of Cork City, which I still find difficult to believe. So here is the end of the walk featuring sleeves of bark, The Hound and the stream before we head back down to the exit gates.

I hope you have enjoyed taking this walk with me through Garryduff Woods. Β Have a good weekend.

46 thoughts on “Last of the Walk

  1. The pictures remind me of walks that I went on the last time I visited Tasmania.
    Cork really does have some beautiful surrounds… do you provide your talent to the local tourism industry? Pictures like these make me want to visit, and looking at the other comments, it seems others feel the same way.


    1. I had the tripod with me so used a once slow setting for the stream shots – about 1 second. with an aperture setting of f/13. For the other shots the speed would have been higher as there was more light and I used an f-stop of c.20 and speed of c.1/10 to 1/25. Some of the images were hand held – the bark sleeve for instance. Don’t know if that helps? I tend to use aperture priority and work from there – altering the ISO, aperture until I get a decent combination. IU was just using standard Canon EF-S 18-135mm lens, not the best but ok. Hope that helps. MM


  2. Gorgeously green indeed. It’s been a wonderful week and I thank you for sharing.
    Have a splendid week-end with that handsome Hound and “the Wife”!


    1. Well the wife is running up to Dublin, so it will be just me and The Hound, but we are taking part in a charity walk on Sunday with about 1,000 others and their dogs. Enjoy the weekend Dale and keep warm. MM πŸ€


      1. Nice! The walk, that is.
        As for keeping warm – well today is only -25 so will bindle up for today’s walk, that’s for sure!
        They are calling for a “balmy” -7 tomorrow, then back to frigid… We are really getting slammed this year


    1. We just throw on the hiking boots, knowing we are never guaranteed a dry day or a dry path but hope for the best. Donegal in April -keep your fingers crossed for us. Have a good weekend Joan, πŸ’š


  3. Beautiful pics. I just hope there are no Japanese Larch trees there, or if there are that they don’t have the disease that has afflicted Gougane Barra forest Park. They couldn’t contain the disease,so now the Park is closed for 6 months to fell thousands of trees in the hope of eradicating the disease!


  4. Thanks for the refreshing walk – love the images and can’t get over how greeeeeen everything looks. We could do with a bit of that greenery ‘Down Under’ at the moment.


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