Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

The image depicts portraits of family members going back several generations and forward a generation. They may be of different nationalities, come from many places, but they are all part of my family.


I find it incredible to be able to look through many of the old photos and see family members from the past, members that I have not physically met. A real treasure trove.

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

    1. They were stored away in a box for a long time and then we started to go through them. It is fascinating. There are letters sent home in the first world war, many photographs and it is just fascinating.


  1. Love these old pictures! I’m fortunate to have a few myself of my paternal grandparents and great grandparents but nothing of my maternal grandparents –that grandmother died when my mother was 7 and my grandfather when she was 15. They were poor and if there were any pictures ever taken of them I am not aware of them. Very sad really. You are very blessed to have such a treasure!


  2. Great collection of family photos, MM.
    We can read all about our family and the past generations, but to me, it’s the photos that give me the best insight into the past – the clothes, the hairstyle, the facial expressions…. reveal all.


  3. When so many photos are digital now it’s lovely to rifle through a box or album of old family photos Mm . Lovely response to the challenge πŸ™‚


  4. I so love looking at old photos of family members – especially when I’d go through them with my grandmother. She would have stories to tell of each and every one. I will always regret not having taken notes when I had a chance…


      1. I was lucky enough to have my maternal grand-mother until 2009. She was 93 and up until six months before, was in fine form. We weren’t that close to my paternal grandmother but she passed when I was in my late teens. Neither side had a grandfather for me.


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