The Marina Walk down by the Lee

As a stop gap I am digging out a couple of autumn photographs taken down be the River Lee as it makes its way by Blackrock and on to the main Cork Harbour, which includes the town of Cobh. Another walk close to the city centre of Cork.

Hopefully Sunday will see a good turn out for Fionn’s walk.

10 thoughts on “The Marina Walk down by the Lee

  1. MM, you might want to make a return visit as I have spotted a heron sitting on top of a little blue boat by the pier. It has been there for two days and two nights so far and is particularly lovely to see in the evening with the lights behind him. Go for it!


  2. I wonder how the boat came to be there? Love the way the picture makes me think about the story behind it. It’s just so random… Looks like the gulls own it now!


    1. It certainly seems to be a gull’s favourite and it got me to wondering why they gather on that particular boat. As you see, I have lots of questions too, just not all the answers 😟


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