Radiating Bracken

Well it seems as if I am stuck inside the ruin (see City Walk), as the image of today continues to be provided from this spot. The first image is taken looking down into the centre of bracken fronds and the second a closer look at a couple of fronds, both within the ruin.

wood ruin (7 of 7)

wood ruin (6 of 7)

I promise, tomorrow we will move on from the ruin and put one foot in front of the other in Garryduff Woods, Cork.

23 thoughts on “Radiating Bracken

  1. Ferns are fascinating, I love the part of our woods where they grow in wild abandon. I’m there in early spring to collect the fiddle heads to eat and then watch the others unfold into their green fullness. One time, I saw a huge luna moth sitting among the ferns (think creamy white moth on lush green) and did NOT have my camera with me. But years later, I still have that image in my mind….


    1. As another blogger stated the unfurling part is magical so will try and capture that this year too. Your blog title says it all, wonderful bits of nature and far more important it is to be able to see it in the first place than to photo it, you have captured it in your mind anyway. MM πŸ€


  2. I like ferns and have a few in my garden and love the unfurling stage of their growth. I like your first picture best πŸ˜‰ Have you tried to take a pic of the under side where the seeds are?


    1. Like you Cath I love the unfurling of a fern and one of the best places to go for that is Fora Gardens and the fern area. Have to try that this year. I agree on your choice – I had a difficult time with the second image as The Hound kept trying to get my attention by standing on the fern. Have yet to do the seed image, thanks for tip.πŸ˜ƒ


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