The Living Wall

The continuation of the walk in Garryduff Woods  sees a short climb up the hill as we move away from the ruins and stream to join a wonderful old stone wall. The worn path keeps crossing the wall in order to circumnavigate fallen trees. This weekend in a corner of the wall  a scout group had ensconsed itself, pen knives out, wood being whittled and knots tied.

This is a wall that I love, covered in moss to produce The Living Wall:

The Green Wall
The Living Wall

There is something magical about old dry stone walls and they have always made me feel that I am entering ancient lands with stories to behold. Heading west from Dublin I loved it when Galway was approached and the posts and wires were replaced with this old fashioned divider.

Moss Covered Wall
Moss Covered Wall

The two images included here are of the same wall, just different angles. It can be noted that I have substantially reduced the image quality for the above in order to reduce file size. I trust this does not diminish enjoyment and if you would like a better quality image please feel free to get in touch with myself by leaving a comment.

I’d also like to thank Sim | Antics for some additional helpful input. Thank you 🍀

42 thoughts on “The Living Wall

  1. Maybe some hero à la Robin Hood is hiding behind, ready to save some damsel in distress who will pass by in her carriage…. Romantic picture!


  2. a gorgeous wall. I love stone walls, even as a child, I loved to walk by them, touch them, feel their warmth or coolness. And moss has always fascinated me, so alive, so soft, so hardy! Thank you for these beautiful shots of ancient stones.


  3. Simply beautiful – I can almost smell the air in these ones. We have a lot of old stone walls here too. I love “the pulse of history”…


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