A Drop of Life

For life to be present on a planet they say there has to be water. Here is a drop of life hanging within the ruins in the wood, featured in yesterday’s post ‘City Walk‘.

wood ruin (5 of 7)It is no wonder the ruin is full of life with bracken, moss, ivy and even trees growing there.

33 thoughts on “A Drop of Life

      1. This is usually how it goes with my comments.. I visit sporadically and try to catch up on everything I missed – as life tends to steal me away all the time and I probably get in here about once a month or every 3 weeks usually.

        Someones comment on my own blog is always a reminder that jump starts me to race off and look at theirs (when I’m not tag surfing), as I usually methodically work through comments to make sure I respond to them all!

        Short version, You’re welcome, sorry I don’t do it more often!



  1. Looks like you captured the tiniest of mushrooms in there MM .
    Such a great shot .. must have dropped *ping after your shutter closed surely πŸ˜‰


  2. Great shot, MM.
    People tend to overlook the beauty of simplicity in photography.
    I think raindrops have a beauty all of their own.


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