Misty Morn

Christmas morning was one of the few genuinely cold days this winter has seen to date, here in Cork. To my mind it is what a Christmas Day should be like – cold and crisp and perfect for taking the dog for a walk down the bog. ย Firstly here is the view out of the bedroom window that greeted me that morning.

A Frosty Start
A Frosty Start

Then it was off down the track into the bog, the Hound disappearing into the distance.

Cold Track
Cold Track

More to come from Christmas Day.

21 thoughts on “Misty Morn

  1. When we refer to bog here – in Australia, we often discuss the way a car has got it’s wheels stuck in the mud! The obvious places a car might get bogged are places they rarely go, BUT where I live in particular, especially during the wet season, we have alot of flash flooding and places you ordinarily would not expect to get bogged you can. (never know when the conditions are perfect for mud entrapment)…

    Some more great snaps! Thanks for sharing!



  2. Gosh, it sure does look cold, but as you say, perfect morning for a brisk walk. Hope you’re faring ok in the winter chill that seems to be extreme this year for you all in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Yesterday was the start of what looks like serious hot weather ‘down under’ – forecast is for mid to high 30s (95F) for the next week.


    1. Well in Northern America it has been seriously cold but over here in Europe may not be the case. Here in Ireland it has been very mild temperatures, but here in Ireland we have been battered by winds, rains and very stormy conditions. Quite extreme weather but of a different persuasion. MM ๐Ÿ€


    1. No ignorance at all Susan and you do need to be careful. In clans a bog can often mean the toilet, but here it is used in the traditional proper usage โ€“ an area of marshy land typically featuring peat. Here in Ireland there are great swathes of it, especially in the midlands. So your swamp guess is pretty much spot on. MM ๐Ÿ€


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