Swan Lake

Well, not quite – more like swans from the bog. These two swans are part of a group of four swans comprising two adults and two females. I wish I could pretend that the juveniles were the offspring of our nesting pair of 2013 (see Sleeping Incubation post of 2013), but alas I am sure this is not the case.

Off for Pastures New
Off for Pastures New

In this area one can often see wintering swans feeding on the lush grass of the fields, particularly those by the brook.

52 thoughts on “Swan Lake

  1. it’s a beautiful image. I too feel your pain with the tangent wing but it’s still a beauty and the fact that you could hear their wings in the air is amazing. I have had that experience and it really is something. But what is really great is the light on the wings, perfection you have!


  2. One can almost sense the urgency of the moment here MM … the beating of their wings is quite a sound isn’t it .. Love the shadowing in the wings .


  3. I kinda like the fact the bottom one is “not all there” it give the shot more movement! That you can catch swans flying (I’ve NEVER even seen one fly!!!) should be a thing to be proud of. Methinks you are a perfectionist! Of course, we get to benefit from such perfection…. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. I hear you (the self-critical part)! Wow, is all I can say! In this part of the world, the only wildlife you see are the few birds that don’t fly away for warmer weather and, since I’m in the ‘burbs, the occasional fox or hare if we’re really lucky! Swans? Nope.
        Am doing my best to keep warm. It is quite the shock to go from +26-30 to -27 in a mere 3 days…. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Splendid creatures! We had a pair on the river at the end of our garden when I was younger, they use to bring their young cygnets for us to see and would come up to us when we called them!!


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