Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

This year I thought I would look to take up the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and the word provided on Friday 3rd January 2014 was “beginning”. Β So at this point I will take a break from the walk in the bog which will return on Friday along with results of the 2013 Photo Poll.

Back to the challenge. I have dug out one photo from the archive, braved the winds and rain to take a photo outside and finally taken an image in the comfort of my own house to complete the challenge.

In this post I provide the outside image, which may fly in the face of all that is happening in North America, but shows that the beginning of spring may not be too far away with the Daffodil bulbs breaking the surface to emerge into the light.

First Signs of Spring
First Signs of Spring

The other challenge images will be posted on Thursday 9th January 2014.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

    1. I so agree with Elaine – so waiting for spring to get here already; barely recovered from brutally cold temps here in the US. But it is refreshing to see that somewhere in the Northern hemisphere the daffodils are awakening.


      1. The hot days started 2 days ago and are set to increase to 41C (106F?) next Tuesday, so other than going into the city to pick up a backorder at the camera shop today (and would you believe I didn’t take a single photo ALL day), I’ll be staying home most of the next week, MM.
        Tomorrow morning might be cloudy and a bit cooler though, so if I can get up a bit earlier, I might score an outing – otherwise it’ll be a very quiet week. It’s even too hot to cook & do some food photography. V


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