Another Leaf, Another Window

Last year I posted Leaf on the Skylight, while this time the captured leaf is stuck frozen to the car windscreen.

It was Christmas morning, the air was crisp and a cold shroud fell over the land. The first sight that greeted me was this leaf, caught on the frozen windscreen of a car as I opened the back door of the house. The frost and curled edges of the leaf made me rush back inside and grab the camera.


So join me on this walk into a North Cork bog that was taken on Christmas Day as all posts this week will come from this cold, crisp walk.

Hopefully you have all had a good Christmas and kept warm throughout.

32 thoughts on “Another Leaf, Another Window

  1. I love frost, and this is so great! Apparently we are getting colder weather from tomorrow so hopefully there will be some nice photo opportunities. πŸ™‚


    1. It was taken in colour, but the contrast was quite low and I felt that it looked better in B/W. With some pictures I can be in 2 minds but here I felt the b/w was definitely better. MM πŸ€


      1. Well…. It’s been bitterly cold here – there are warnings in some areas of the States – even making it against the law to go out! they are feeling -40 C weather. Brrrr!


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