The New Doll’s House

About 12 months ago I attended a photo course in Cork City and we headed out on a night shoot, camera and tripods at the ready. It was a great way to try out shots and discover a lot more on white balance and how good our cameras were when set to Auto or override for this function. Β Heavy rain was beating down in the afternoon and it was not looking good. However, an hour or so before the meet up time the rain moved on, though it had left its wet mark on the pavements and roads of the city.

One of the places we visited was an old Georgian building in the middle of Cork City that our leader referred to as ‘The Doll’s House”, but is officially known as Queen Anne House. It was modelled on the original Doll’s House which stood at Bachelor’s Quay before this was demolished in 1966, being declared unsafe. Β This ‘new’ Doll’s House now backs into modern city centre buildings housing shops with their contrasting neon signs.

Georgian Facade, Cork
Georgian Facade, Cork
Old Nestles into Modern
Old Nestles into Modern

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