Pebbles on the Beach

To kick off the week I start with a very simple photograph. While standing on a beach in Clew Bay under the shadow of Croagh Patrick I could not help but notice the inordinate number, size, shape and colour of all the pebbles under my feet. It was mesmerising. So I pulled out the camera, pointed it at the beach pebbles and hey presto here is the result.

Assortment of Pebbles
Assortment of Pebbles

Sometimes when we just stop and pause we can see all the simple beauty that lies at our feet.

25 thoughts on “Pebbles on the Beach

  1. Great attention to the small details right under your nose (ehm…feet) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful picture!
    I have a photo of a Caribbean beach covered with shells, just like these pebbles. But it was taken a long time ago and becomes really grainy turned into a digital format…..


      1. you are welcome, lazy is okay and needed at times. drawn to the photo and know that while i may not always comment, i am quietly reading. oh, and it’s beth, not karen, just so you know me better )


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