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I think it is called bounce-back. That good man Otrazhenie has handed me the Sunshine Blogger Award. Now this man spreads plenty of light and wisdom, so I can see how he got this award. Why not also see for yourself and visit the blog of Otrazhenie. I understand that  this award is passed on by bloggers to fellow bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Wow, I hope my blog can achieve a tiny bit of that, thank you Otrazhenie.

Rules of the award…Each person who gets an award is asked to answer this series of questions. In this way, others may know a little more about the blogger.

  1. Where would you most like to travel to?  Most places I haven’t been, particularly where there are natural wonders. Have to go on another Safari, Ethiopia and tribes of the Omo would be great, Montana, Canada, New Zealand and many more. In Ireland has to be Skellig Michael.
  2. Do you have a sweet tooth?  Not really, I am a savoury man.
  3. What motivates you to keep you blogging? Blogger feedback and wanting to improve the skills that I have.
  4. Who is your favourite comedian?  No single one, Peter Kay,  Jack Dee. Hold on, it is probably Paul Merton – very funny. Always remember the line he gave on “Have I got News for You” – ‘Have you heard the rumour sweeping Wimbledon at the moment? Well apparently Monica Seles fakes her first serve.’              It came out of nowhere.  I do love understatement.
  5. What is your favourite outdoor activity?  Seeing the Hound fly around is just magic.
  6. Who was your favourite teacher and why?  Travel. Such an education, a way to interact with other cultures and allows us to question our own thinking. Best education I know.
  7. Do you own any pets? Yes the Hound who is a Mongrel Dog, he’s a pretty good teacher too.
  8. Most embarrassing moment in your life? Having to find my way across a large student building naked, having sleep walked into another bare empty room with not even a sheet to hide myself. Fortunately it was still before 6am.
  9. Where are you from? Born in Taunton, Somerset, England but lasted only a few months there. Scottish on my Dad’s side with a touch of German, Mother English but consider myself a European having lived in a number of different countries.
  10. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?  Not as much as man with all his machinery and pillaging.

And now for the required 10 nominations who go to bloggers who I judge to bring a bit  (in many cases a lot) of sunshine:

  1. Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy that is Aussa Lorens
  2. Sun Earth Sky, a visual meditation from the Mid-West by Sharon
  3. Northumbrian Light by Robin
  4. Licht Years for a feast of the eyes by Soonie2
  5. Awakening to Awareness through Eric Tonningsen (but keep this quiet as Eric doesn’t do awards, just deserves them)
  6. Jots From a Small Apartment has to be on the list for the banter alone.
  7. Top of the Tent from Safia in the Middle East
  8. Ajaytao a blogger and friend
  9. Striking Photography by Bo Blog up in Boulder County
  10. Tofan Gheorghe the Moldovan artist in Dublin

Once more I underline that I have not filtered out those bloggers that do not accept awards as I think I am doing a duty by pointing readers in their direction. If you do not accept awards and are on the list then no worries and I fully understand that this is likely to go no further.

Thank you to all followers for their own posts, comments, likes and all the rest of the stuff, it is really appreciated. Have a sunshine Christmas. MM 🎄


17 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award – Another Image

    1. Thank you so, so much for these awards, I have decided to accept the Lighthouse, Excellence, Fantabulous and the Shine On award. You are one big hearted blogger Ajaytao, I wish you good health and love, MM 🍀


  1. Congrats on the award, you certainly deserve it! And where oh where have you been on Safari?! I visited the Masai Mara several years ago… it was wonderful. Thanks so much for the shoutout and nomination!


  2. MM…If you will go to the dentist this morning in my place…I’ll write a nice comment and perhaps even give an acceptance speech. You’ll have to hurry…I’m putting on my coat and ready to leave. Deal? Meet me on the corner and I’ll give you directions……Jots


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