Artistic Licence – Collaboration

Well I feel a bit of a fraud really as I have done very little except post the original photograph and then put this post together. You see following my post “Last of the Leaves“, Jots from a small apartment asked if she could have a go at making a painting of the same image.  I was flattered to say the least and gladly agreed, but when it came to posting she asked if I would do the honour and put it up on my blog. So here I give you Jots’ painting, followed by a small image of my original photo.

The Artist's Impression
The Artist’s Impression

The original photograph:

Last of the Leaves
Last of the Leaves

I have seen pictures done by ‘photo-realist painters’ which I find incredible, but ultimately think what is the point of painting something in such replica detail that it could be a photograph? I don’t really get it, but can admire the skill.  So back to Jots painting, I am pleased to say it is full of artistic impression and I love that, I wish I could do  similar. So I hope Jots does re-blog this on her own site to take hold of the credit she deserves and why not pop over to her site and tell Jots what you think.

More than creating a great image, Jots is full of good banter too, so hit the website jots from a small apartment.

I’d also be interested to see what other photographers feel about their work being painted? Or does anyone else have opinions on Photo-Realism?

Have a great weekend,

MM 🍀 and Jots

41 thoughts on “Artistic Licence – Collaboration

    1. Yes, Jots was quite brilliant and we will be teaming up again very shortly. Jots is in the middle of a house move, ski there has been a bit of a delay. It is worthwhile checking out her site and she is a great gas too. Always end up laughing at some point. 😃 Have a great weekend Anarette, MM 💚


    1. It’s my pleasure Lisa, Jots is a joy to work with and there is always a laugh about to explode. Talented artist and lovely individual, it’s a great combination. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a fantastic New Year, MM 🍀


  1. The painting looks like a branch against a window – the light is more translucent, it has a very different effect than your original photograph. And yet I was really pleased with your photo, especially the surprising blue/yellow contrast. But it’s against metal, much more dense than the light interpretation of the painting. Such interesting contrasts and differing effects…


    1. Right Dana! I agree with MM. My rendering is at best…from a beginning and self-taught watercolourist…me!!
      It’s all about the journey…and what you learn along the way. I’m so fortunate…so very fortunate…one of my most precious friends in the world…no universe…began with a collaboration with another who lives in England. It is truly about the journey….and facing your fears.


  2. You having fun yet, MM?? This is wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the lead on our “hands across the sea” collaboration. I’ll be re-posting, as you suggested, and sharing your photograph with My Reader…who happens to be quite amazed how quickly friends become….family. Your day is winding down and mine just beginning…hoping, for you, the waking hours were better than a good!! Jots


  3. I’m with you on this one – it’s way more interesting to see a different interpretation of a same image! And both are gorgeous in this case! Thanks for the link to Jots!


    1. Photo realism (as I understand it) is where a painter paints a picture that actually looks as if it is a photograph. Incredibly detailed and hard to tell the difference from an actual photograph. Very skilled but why? Here Jots has painted using the photograph but put her own artistic twist/impression to it (and done a fine job too). I know what you are saying though and I agree with your sentiments fully. Have a good weekend Ksbeth 😃


  4. Just Gorgeous .
    I loved the photograph MM when you posted it and am not surprised Jots felt inspired to get out her paints and brushes …
    A fabulous collaboration 🙂
    Have lovely weekend !


  5. Thanks for the link to Jots’ blog.
    She’s a very entertaining writer (as well as a great artist/painter).
    Thanks for sharing, MM.


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